Kent Pflager • General Manager

Kyle Marick • Operations Manager

Sheila Kleensang • Office Supervisor / Accounts Payable

Kay Zarbock • Office Administrator / Accounts Receivable

Ryan Henderson • Field Supervisor / GPS Specialist

Tom Connelly • Field Technician

Blair Jess • Field Technician

Jake Jump • Field Technician

Geoff Simpson • Field Technician

Troy Ocanas • Field Technician




If there is an emergency please call our office at 970-867-3054 and follow the prompts.

Help us!

Please help us by keeping debris and weeds away from the meter pits.
This will help us to locate your meter in case of an emergency.

ACH – Auto Pay

Are you tired of being bothered each month with trying to remember to pay your water bill? Come into our office and sign up for ACH (Automatic Payments). This is an easy process & you will still receive a reminder card each month.

Now Accepting Major Credit Cards

Quality Water now accepts major credit cards. Pay over the phone or stop by the office.