Tap Purchases, Fees, and Applications

There are many factors that affect the cost of providing water to a property.  The overall cost can vary based on the quantity of water needed, the location of the property and the location of the nearest main line.  Also, the District must make adjustments periodically to tap prices to keep up with the ever increasing cost of water and water distribution.

Please contact our office at (970) 867-3054 or stop by 17586 Morgan County Road 20 for current pricing and to begin the process with an engineering study.

To apply for water service:

  1. Read the New Water Service Procedures
  2. Complete the Application for Water Service. This is a fillable form, or you may print it off and fill it out. (download the PDF Application)
  3. Complete the Cross-Connection/Backflow Prevention Questionnaire.  This is a fillable form, or you may print it off and fill it out. (download the Questionnaire)
  4. Drop off the completed forms at the Morgan County Quality Water office with a check for the Engineering Analysis.

Upgrades. In the event of requests for changes from small size taps to larger size, the customer would be charged the difference between the current rates of the two tap sizes at that time.

Down sizing. It is the policy of the Board that any customer desiring a reduction of capacity will be permitted to have such reduction with the approval of the Board at no additional charge and with no refunds on tap fees previously paid. 4/10/1979

Price of tap. Price of a tap purchase is the current fee at the time of tap purchase. Price includes system maintenance fee and a percentage of the cost of a unit of raw water. Raw water requirements are based on meter size.

Minimum Monthly Service Charge.

After the contract for a new tap is signed and money received, the maximum time of the waiver of the minimum will be six months or until the meter is installed.

Application for Water Service: PDF Application (78kb)

Cross-Connection/Backflow Prevention Questionnaire: Questionnaire (161kb)

New Water Service Procedures: PDF Document (90kb)


If there is an emergency please call our office at 970-867-3054 and follow the prompts.

Help us!

Please help us by keeping debris and weeds away from the meter pits.
This will help us to locate your meter in case of an emergency.

ACH – Auto Pay

Are you tired of being bothered each month with trying to remember to pay your water bill? Come into our office and sign up for ACH (Automatic Payments). This is an easy process & you will still receive a reminder card each month.

Now Accepting Major Credit Cards

Quality Water now accepts major credit cards. Pay over the phone or stop by the office.