New Water Service Procedures

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1. Fill out Application for Water Service.
2. A fee of $400 for a single tap equivalent and $50 for each additional tap equivalent will be assessed.
(Note: Commercial/Industrial or Large animal agriculture entities may be required to pay additional fees to evaluate their specific needs.)
~This includes processing, engineering study, and if service is available, reserved capacity in the line for 6 months.
~ Application fee is non-refundable.
~ Engineering study will determine if additional system improvements are needed to accommodate new tap(s).
3. If service is available, the water service (tap) can be secured by:
~ Entering into a “Contract for Service” or
~ Entering into a Developer’s Agreement if three or more taps are involved.
4. Application must supply verification from Morgan County Treasurer’s Office that property to receive service is on MCQWD tax roll as well as that of the Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District. If the property is in the Kiowa Bijou closed basin, inclusion in the Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District does not apply.
~ Verification can be determined with a copy of the applicant’s “Statement of Taxes” or “Tax Notice”.
~ The property must be included into both MCQWD and NCWCD if it is tributory to the South Platte Basin. The inclusion fee for MCQWD is $1,250 for each tap equivalent; NCWCD is $300 plus a fraction of the assessed valuation of the property to be included.
5. All unpaid fees and charges will be assessed at the current rate at the time of purchase.
~ Includes tap fees and inclusion fees
6. To secure this water service (tap), the following procedures are required:
~ Pay all applicable fees in full.
~ Developers pay the Board -approved deposit amount on all taps in the agreement and purchase tap in full at/prior to closing.
~ Other contractual arrangements with the District.
7. In cases where mainline extensions are required:
~ Customer is responsible for all costs associated.
~ A licensed and bonded contractor must be used. Customers must negotiate their own contract for construction.
~ Contractor is required to contact the District prior to bidding project to get project details and specifications for the main line construction.
~ The District can provide customers with a list of District approved contractors to be considered. If the customer
chooses to use someone else, district personnel must be on site at all times to inspect work. This is at the customer/contractors expense.
~ Contractor is required to provide the District with insurance documents naming the District as additionally insured when working on any main line construction.
~ Contractor is required to notify the District 48 hours prior to commencing work and arrange for District inspection during construction.
~ All mainlines are required to have tracing wires installed. All extensions must pass pressure testing and be disinfected and pass Bac T Analysis.
~ All Mainlines are to be warranted by the contractor and applicant for no less than 12 months with a 3 month extension if deficiencies occur.
~ Easements and Right of Way Deeds must be supplied before work commences.
~ Ownership & Encumbrances reports or Title Policy must be provided.
~ Subordination agreements must be signed by all parties listed on the O & E report if easements are to be granted on applicants’ property or adjacent property where main lines will be running.


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