Buying or Selling?

New Owners

What should I do if I am buying a property that already has Morgan County Quality Water District water service?

You do not need to contact us at all.  The paperwork and escrow of money needed for a property transfer is handled by the Title Company.  The Title Company will contact us when they request an Escrow amount that will be withheld from the seller at your closing.  These funds will be paid by the title company when we send them the seller’s final bill.  The Title Company will give us your closing date and all of your information as the new buyer.  We will mail your first bill when we send the next scheduled billing.  If you haven’t received a bill from us by the 5th of the month following the purchase of the property, please call our office at (970) 867-3054.

Owners Selling Their Property

What should I do if I am selling my property?

Transfer of property is normally handled by the Title Company completing the sale, and you do not need to call us to cancel your service.  The Title Company will contact us to request an Escrow amount on your account.  They will give us the closing date on your property and who the buyer will be.  Your final bill will be paid by the Title Company with the escrowed funds held by them at the closing.  If they withheld more than you owe, they will refund you the difference.


If there is an emergency please call our office at 970-867-3054 and follow the prompts.

Help us!

Please help us by keeping debris and weeds away from the meter pits.
This will help us to locate your meter in case of an emergency.

ACH – Auto Pay

Are you tired of being bothered each month with trying to remember to pay your water bill? Come into our office and sign up for ACH (Automatic Payments). This is an easy process & you will still receive a reminder card each month.

Now Accepting Major Credit Cards

Quality Water now accepts major credit cards. Pay over the phone or stop by the office.