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How do we come up with our rate system?

MCQWD staff is dedicated to maintaining our maturing system by performing an ongoing maintenance program and making necessary improvements.  We would likely be facing much larger costs in replacing lines and facilities if we were not focusing on maintenance.  We also work diligently to keep the system sanitized through a chlorination treatment, which is enforced by the state, and by flushing our infrastructure periodically.   The adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” could not be more true as it relates to our distribution system.

We continue to upgrade our system with advanced telemetry systems, GIS Mapping, and efficient delivery facilities designed to better meet the peak demands of the system.

With all of this in mind, the Morgan County Quality Water District Board takes careful consideration on how our rates are structured.   They evaluate our rates by considering operational costs, energy costs, infrastructural repairs and capital construction costs.

The rate structure is also designed to encourage conservation and to temper excessive usage.  It is important to remember, as a consumer, that water is a precious commodity.  Conservation and appropriate use should be at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

If large users wish to lower their monthly charges they can purchase additional tap equivalents.  The District is always willing to help consumers look at their usage and determine options that may be best for them.

New Rates Starting May 1, 2023 

Rates for 1 Tap Equivalent (1TE)

  • $28.00 per month base rate per Tap Equivalent

Tiered costs for water per 1,000 gallons beyond the base rate per month (billed to nearest 1,000 gallons):

  • 0 gal – 4,000 gal = $2.01
  • 5,000 gal – 19,000 gal = $2.49
  • 20,000 gal – 59,000 gal = $4.28
  • 60,000 gal – 139,000 gal = $6.97
  • 140,000 gal and over = $20.92

For taps larger than 1TE simply multiply the above gallon allotment by the number of tap equivalents listed below.

  • 1TE
  • 2TE
  • 4TE
  • 9TE
  • 25TE

Other Charges

  • Disconnect / reconnect fee  $100.00
  • Afterhours Disconnect / reconnect fee $150.00
  • NSF / ACH Chargeback fee   $25.00
  • Late Charge   1.50%