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Leaks:  If you notice water leaking or surfacing along MCQWD facilities please call us 24-7 and we will investigate the problem and fix it as soon as possible. This saves us all money.

Blue Marker:  The Blue marker installed by your tap is CRITICAL to identifying the location of your tap. If this is removed or damaged we can’t provide the quick service necessary to aid and protect you in water emergencies. Please do not tamper with the sign.

Taste & Odor:  Periodically you may notice a change in taste or odor of your water as a result of our mandated addition of chlorine to the system. Most of the time this is a result of water sitting in your service line leading to the faucet too long. Simply allow your water to run for a minute or two to bring fresh water into your home. If you have a long service line extending from the District main it may take some extra time for adequate flushing. If the taste and odor persists please call and we will assist you.

Hard Water Stains on Dishes:  Phosphates have been removed from most dishwashing detergents. This has caused hard water to build up on dishes.  To remove this problem us a product called LemiShine in your washing cycle.  You can find this product in the Dishwashing detergent section.