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  • The Morgan County Soft Water Association was formed.
  • There were about 12-15 members on this committee charged to look at the feasibility of forming a Special District to bring better water to Morgan County.


  • Morgan County Quality Water District was formed in August.
  • Quality Water Dist. needed 750 signatures to secure funding for the project, so door-to-door sign-up was initiated. Taps were offered at $350 per tap equivalent.
  • First tap was sold to George and Thelma Cook of Orchard.
  • The Norton, Underwood and Lamb engineering firm were retained for design of the system.
  • George Underwood worked out of a hotel room and Quality Water’s small office to design the system “just ahead of the trencher.”
  • Don McClary was retained as legal counsel for the District.
  • Tom Norton helped secure funding through FHA. The funding proposal was crafted to fit the Carter administration “Drought Relief Program”
  • First in the Nation, district received a 3.1 million dollar loan and a 2.9 million dollar grant.


  • Quality Water Dist. consummated first loan with FmHA, $5 million Dollars.
  • The District hired Oliver Construction and construction began.
  • It took approx. 18 months to install over 300 miles of mainline.


  • Purchased Land for Smart well Field.


  • Morgan County Quality Water took the opportunity to save the District $2 million Dollars by re-financing the FHA loan. The District acted quickly by finalizing the loan with Colo. Water and Power Authority.


  • The District Purchased their first CBT units from Riverside Irrigation for $750/ unit.
  • The District worked closely with Riverside Irrigation in negotiating long term lease purchase agreement of additional 1500 units.


  • Purchased the Krause Well Field.
  • The district held a special election resulting in tremendous support by the voters.


  • The Smart Well was drilled and added to the system.


  • The district along with Fort Morgan, started a feasibility study to bring the CBT waterline from the Front Range to Morgan County.
  • Quality Water purchased land for Weingardt Well Field.


  • An agreement between QW and Bijou Irrigation drafted for use of land at the Weingardt Well Field for an Augmentation site.


  • The Fugate ranch purchased land adjacent to Weingardt land.
  • Quality Water drilled Weingardt Well #1.
  • The Spanish Colony was added to the QW system. They were noted as being a “pleasure to work with”.


  • The district began be being a participant in the Northern Integrated Supply Project (NISP) through Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District.


  • Quality Water incorporated Morgan Heights customers into the district.
  • The Wiggins Pump Station plans began and the project was competed in August 2004.


  • QW continued work on the San Arroyo Infiltration Project (started in early 1990’s)  Principia Mathamatica did the Groundwater modeling for the project.


  • Quality Water secured the necessary authority to proceed with construction of the San Arroyo Project.
  • QW added Town of Log Lane to the system which was 327 tap equivalents.


  • The San Arroyo Project was near completion.
  • QW signed an agreement with Town of Hillrose for the districts first Dual System.