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Welcome to Morgan County Quality Water District

The district has provided over 40 years of service to our valued customers. We have taken great pride in providing a safe product to you, your families, and businesses. Please help us by understanding that water is a very precious commodity. Conservation and appropriate use should be at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

The District continues to be proactive in developing its water portfolio to ensure safe and reliable water supplies to meet the current and future water demands of the District’s customers.

Northern Integrated Supply Project (NISP)

NISP is an innovative water supply partnership that will provide the Morgan County Quality Water District and 14 other water providers in Northern Colorado with the water we need to maintain a high-quality way of life and thriving community.

The District will receive 1,300 acre-feet of permitted annual yield. This is enough for more than 2,500 families to bathe their kids, prepare healthy meals and provide sanitation necessary for everyday life. NISP water isn’t just for drinking, however.

Morgan County’s agricultural roots run deep, and NISP will provide needed water supply for agricultural production that drives a significant portion of our economy. It’s no wonder that ag organizations and Northern Colorado businesses have endorsed NISP – they know water supply and economic health are linked.

WaterSecure Supports Our Way of Life
Also of note is WaterSecure – a key element of NISP – that provides an alternative to traditional “buy and dry” practices that caused productive fields and dairies to disappear in recent years. WaterSecure allows farmers to benefit financially from their valuable water rights while keeping water flowing to their fields.

Visit the NISP website for additional information and resources.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

Thank you from Morgan County Quality Water!

We have a new online payment processing system! 

In order to register your account on the new system you will need your account number (do not enter the . in the account number, just enter the numbers including any zeros) and last name of the account holder.   

If you have any trouble with the new system or need any help, PLEASE call us at (970) 867-3054.